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Key Insertion Mode

Smart Insert with CipherKey allows you to have total control of your data with two intelligent key insertion modes: Mode 0 or Mode 1.

Mode 0

Standard design with all CipherShield drives, mode 0 with hotplug enables you to authenticate and access the data on the drive when the CipherKey is plugged in. When the key is removed, all data within the drive are encrypted. Suitable for when human insertion of the key is not feasible such as data center and remote location.

Mode 1

Mode 1 is better utilized for a large data backup job where you don’t want to be tied to waiting for the data transfer to be completed. The CipherShield drive is authenticated by plugging the key in once and removed—the drive runs without the need to have the key connected at all times. The risk of theft is no longer a concern because when a USB or power cable is unplugged, the drive will automatically lock down its content. Suitable for when human insertion of the key is feasible such as the local office. Mode 1 is available for a limited number of models but can always be specially ordered when ordering from resellers or your preferred IT solution providers.